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~ Spirit of Wadaiko ~

The Martial Art of Noise

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Community for fans of the japanese taiko/wadaiko group, TAO.
This is a LJ community dedicated to the popular and awesome japanese Wadaiko/Taiko group, TAO, their music and productions as well as the numerous and highly talented members.

It is in no way affiliated with TAO itself. For official news and access to the merchandise corner, please refer to http://www.drum-tao.com/
(Note: content varies between Japanese, English, and German site version.)

Mainly, this is not intended as a place to distribute commercial TAO media files (speak: rips), as we wish to support the artists by purchasing their CDs and DVDs. Smaller clips recorded from TV appearances, fan pictures and similar media (i.e. screenshots of clips) are welcome in moderate amounts to minimize any infringement of copyrights.

Let yourself be enthralled by TAO, and share your passion.

Everyone who loves Taiko or has learned to love TAO is invited to join and share thoughts, reports and anything else related to TAO and their music.
If you feel like introducing your favourite member, piece or instrument, or why you can't imagine how it would be if you hadn't experienced TAO yourself, this is the right place for you.

Respect the artists, be nice to each other, and have fun!

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